Discover the Path to Thriving with ADHD

Step-by-step guidance for building an easier, happier life.

I am an expert on ADHD brains, and you are an expert on YOU!

Together, we’ll co-create your recipe for success.


With ADHD coaching, you’ll:

  • Identify your specific challenges

  • Discover your strengths and values

  • Build personalized strategies

  • Practice these strategies until they become second nature

  •  and build a calmer, more organized life that you love!


ADHD Coaching Journey



Master Your Mind

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Why Alana? 

Before working with Alana, I felt lost and stuck. Life was chaotic and depressing. Now I have tools. I have support. I know how to maximize my potential. I have much greater insight into my issues and Alana has helped me to see when I get sidetracked by physical or emotional issues. There are so many practical things that I have been able to put into place that have greatly improved my life.



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