Discover the Path to Thriving with ADHD

Step-by-step guidance for building an easier, happier life.

I am an expert on ADHD brains, and you are an expert on YOU!

Together, we’ll co-create your recipe for success.



With ADHD coaching, you’ll:

  • Identify your specific challenges

  • Discover your strengths and values

  • Build personalized strategies

  • Practice these strategies until they become second nature

  •  and build a calmer, more organized life that you love!




Know Thyself


Build Skills


Transform Yourself!

Why Alana? 


I contacted Alana after being diagnosed with Adult ADHD in my 40's. After many years of struggling with recurring challenges both at home and in the workplace, Alana has helped me pinpoint the issues that were holding me back and has provided me with tools to handle them. I am calmer overall and find it easier to face challenges that I would have derailed my productivity in the past. I have more control of my projects and have learned to focus on my priorities. Alana is also an absolute pleasure to work with and I always felt like I was speaking with a friend. I highly recommend Alana for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.


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