Why Use a Coach?


A life coach is like a personal trainer for your brain. Your brain is a muscle, and it can be taught new ways of seeing things and handling them - but just like with your leg muscles, this isn't a process which happens in a day.


In fact, research shows that it takes a full 90 days for your brain to fully adjust to a change in mindset, thought processes, and other brain-related changes.


As a mom, you have a lot on your plate - and it isn't always easy to manage. Self-management coaching can help you define what needs to be done and what your priorities are, as well as help you make a master plan and stick to it.


You'll learn how to: 

  • beat burnout

  • prioritize properly

  • conquer procrastination

  • manage household chores better

  • make better decisions

  • use your time effectively,

and be a calmer, happier mother.


Together, we'll work on your habits, find where they make life harder for you, and create new habits which will make things run more smoothly.We'll constantly evaluate where you're at, tweak what we've done so far, and figure out what's making things most difficult, defining a goal and then your path towards achieving it.


At the end of our sessions, you'll have an individualized plan that you're able to continue and carry out on your own.


And when you're done? We can either say goodbye, or we can continue to meet once every 4-6 weeks, depending on what you need.


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"If you're saying yes to this? what are you saying no to?"


What is ADHD Coaching?

For moms with ADHD, the challenges mentioned above are compounded: Changing the way you process ideas and handle life is a challenge for anyone, but it's even more difficult when the person in question suffers from ADHD.


Those who suffer from ADHD find decision-making to be more of a challenge, and their decision-making muscle wears out more quickly. When every step in your day-to-day life requires making a decision, that can get hard, and fast.


The trick to handling ADHD? Make things easier on your brain. And that's where coaching comes in.


ADHD coaching for women takes into account that women display different symptoms and have different challenges than the classic "hyper little boy" stereotype.


In our sessions, we'll map out your specific challenges, talents, and habits, and avoid overwhelm by working through them one at a time.


I'll be there helping you, coaching you, and showing you how to take baby steps and then learn to manage on your own.


By the end of our sessions:

  • your life will be running more smoothly

  • you'll have better habits

  • you'll be able to prioritize more effectively

  • and you'll have a concrete plan for what comes next.



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