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Alana's Story


A remedial teacher with 20 years in the field and inspired by my students, I certified as an ADHD coach when I began to feel frustrated that I could not properly help my ADHD students not only with their academic issues, but also with managing their ADHD and its effects on their social lives, organizational skills, and ability to concentrate. My subsequent work with ADHD children changed my entire view about people with this condition.


I believe greatly in people with ADHD - they're amazingly tenacious, creative, courageous and sensitive people.

 I also know there is a great gap between intention and action when it comes to ADHD. People with ADHD know what to do, they have difficulty doing what they know. That's exactly where I come in.

How can I help you ?   

I have expert knowledge on what works for ADHD brains, and you have expert knowledge on YOU. Together we:

  • Isolate your specific challenges

  • Discover your strengths & values

  • Define your goals

  • Build personalized strategies

  • Practice these strategies until they become skills


Because when you stop trying harder & try different,

it all clicks into place and you move from surviving to thriving with ADHD.

My Mission

You were born with a unique brain wiring. It's frustrating, discouraging and downright HARD operating in a world built for neurotypical brains. But you don't lack willpower. You lack strategies.

I believe that by learning the operating manual for your ADHD brain, you can thrive and achieve your goals. 

Consider me a personal trainer for your brain. Ours is a collaborative relationship and our journey together is a safe lab for experimentation. Together, through trial and insight, we build strategies for thriving with ADHD and practice them, until they become skills.