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Alana's Story


Hi. I'm Alana Stern - ADHD coach and CEO of 2 businesses. I am also the spouse of an ADHDer. I am mother to 3 young adults (one of them is a diagnosed "ADHDult") and a fiery pre-teen ADHDer. Not to mention my adolescent and very distracted dog! 


After 20 years in education, where I helplessly witnessed my smart and creative ADHD students struggle to focus, get organized and reach their true potential; I switched gears. I took my skillset and certified as an ADHD coach.

I know what it's like to

  • juggle​

  • remember

  • manage

  • and follow through with

"all the things"!

Like you, I just want to be


  • a good person

  • a supportive partner

  • an understanding parent &

  • a successful professional.

But just typing all that makes me feel overwhelmed! 


Through my work with "ADHDults" (my own term for people aged 18+ with ADHD), I have come to greatly admire you - you're amazingly tenacious, creative, courageous and sensitive people.

But you often feel like there is a great gap between your potential and what you’re actually doing. Between your intentions and your actions.

You know what to do, but you have difficulty doing what you know

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That's exactly where I come in!

How Can I Help You?


You were born with a unique brain wiring. It's frustrating, discouraging and downright HARD operating in a world built for neurotypical brains. But you don't lack willpower. You lack strategies.

Together we will co-write the operating manual for your own personal ADHD brain, so that you can thrive, achieve your goals and feel good about yourself. 


Ours is a collaborative relationship and our journey together is a safe lab for experimentation. Together, step by step and through trial and insight, we will build effective strategies and then practice them, until they become skills.  

With these newfound skills, you get to build a happier, easier life! 

Sound good?