Alana's Story

A remedial teacher with 20 years of experience in the field , Alana found herself trying to manage her own suspected ADHD, her husband's confirmed ADHD, and at least two - if not four - ADHD children. If that *sounds* overwhelming , you can be sure it was.


It took a while to realize, but Alana found herself completely burned out and up against a wall. With four children ranging in age from infant to adolescent, she was working to start her own business, running extra-curricular activities (chugim) and summer camps out of her home. And the overwhelm started affecting not just her emotions, but also her physical health.


At that point, Alana realized something *had* to change.


As a remedial teacher, Alana was already familiar with how to help struggling students. But what she couldn't do, even though she wanted to, was help her ADHD students not only with their academic issues but also with managing their ADHD and its effects on their social lives, organizational skills, and ability to concentrate. This, of course, only added to her feeling of frustration.


Eventually, Alana decided to do something to help both her students and herself. She began studying to be a life coach, receiving her certification from David Yellin College and following it up with certification in ADHD Coaching and certification in Parenting and Family Coaching, both from David Yellin.


Today, after 10 years of running an English learning center out of her home, Alana works as a life coach, specializing in helping women overcome overwhelm and lack of order; and helping teenage girls learn to manage their ADHD; teaching both women and girls not just to survive, but to thrive.


She also works with younger children with ADHD, offering both coaching sessions and integrated coaching/remedial sessions.


 Alana received her B.A. from the University of Cape Town, and a Higher Education Diploma from the University of South Africa. After making aliyah, Alana did David Yellin's teacher retraining program, and received a Diploma from the British Dyslexia Association in remedial English teaching, via Bar Ilan University.


She then studied at David Yellin College, receiving from them certification as a life coach and an ADHD coach, as well as certification in Parenting and Family Coaching.

Sun - Thurs: 8am - 10pm

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