Coaching ADHD Adults

No one ever said parenting was easy, but the challenges are multiplied exponentially when a woman has ADHD - a lifelong challenge which makes parenting, and adulting, that much tougher. And if you add in the genetic factor, it's likely that as an ADHD mom, you probably have at least one kid similarly afflicted.


ADHD affects mom's ability to:

  • effectively manage time

  • organize appointments

  • get kids out on time 

  • remind them to hand in assignments on time

  • handle the regular, run-of-the-mill challenges of parenting and scheduling

  • juggle household chores, employment, marriage, and children all at the same time.


It's hard. And hard is an understatement.


Wouldn't it be great if your mornings and evenings were smoother? Wouldn't it be great to feel like you're running your life, your home, instead of it running you? Wouldn't it be great to feel in control, to have definite long-term goals, and know you'll accomplish them?


And more than that - wouldn't it be great if you could coach your ADHD child and teach him (or her) the habits crucial to successful ADHD management and success in life?


You can!


But first, you need to master those skills yourself.


As a parent, it's your job to teach your children the life skills they need to thrive. Except you can't teach what you don't know, and you can't give what you don't have.


ADHD coaching gives you the tools you need to help yourself and your family at the same time. You'll benefit, because you'll learn the tools you need to succeed in those very areas which are most challenging to you. And your family benefits, because Mom is now calmer, functioning better, happier, and more satisfied with her life.


Your children benefit twice: Both because you're calmer, happier, and thriving (instead of struggling) and because you're now able to teach them the skills they need. Everyone gains.

Spending money on yourself isn't always selfish. Sometimes, it's the best gift a mother can give her children. And honestly? Even if it weren't - you deserve to feel like you're thriving, and to be the mom you've always wanted to be.


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