Time Management 

with a Twist

What you get:

8 weeks of group coaching, to implement my unique 3-point system (Walk the Path of the 3 Ps) into your lives, so you can get

  • productive with

  • your priorities so

  • you can live on purpose.

Who is this program for?

  • Graduates of my Time Management Masterclass

  • Are you

    • Overwhelmed?

    • Stressed?

    • Scattered?

    • Distracted?

    • Disorganized?

    • A Procrastinator?  

😨There’s always too much to do.
😨Time slips though your fingers like sand.
😨You are exhausted from juggling All. The. Things.
😨You feel frazzled and you drop the balls.
😨You keep wondering, “Where does the time go?”

It doesn’t have to be this way!


Discover how to run your life so it doesn’t run you.


How would it be to: 

✅intuitively know what’s important to do &
✅ get all that done effectively...

so that you can feel:

🙂in control &

Big Rocks Me.jpg

Who am I? 

I believe greatly in people with ADHD - they're amazingly tenacious, creative, courageous and sensitive people.


I also know there is a great gap between intention and action when it comes to ADHD. People with ADHD know what to do, they have difficulty doing what they know. That's exactly where I come in.

How can I help you ?  In this workshop, 

You will:

✅ Get clear on what’s important
✅ Get your important stuff done - AKA manage your time well
✅ Achieve your goals
✅ To feel accomplished, productive, in control and calm. 

  I am a certified  life coach, consultant and international speaker, trained and specializing in coaching adults and teens with ADHD. In my workshops, I share tried and tested methods for everyone to manage their time well, as well as teaching ADHD -friendly brain hacks. 

Because when you 
stop trying harder & try different,

it all clicks into place and you become successful and satisfied. 


“Alana has helped me pinpoint the issues that were holding me back and has provided me with tools to handle them. I … find it easier to face challenges that would have derailed my productivity in the past. I have more control of my projects and have learned to focus on my priorities…”