Instructor Training Course


Beginner English Literacy

To Bilingual/English-Speaking Kindergarteners


Who is this course for? 

  • You already teach or want to teach kids

  • You love kids

  • You value education


  • Maybe you're already a teacher but you don't have the material for teaching beginner reading at your fingertips.

  • Maybe you have your own young kids and you want to work but still be at home and available as they grow up.

  • Maybe you're a student looking to supplement your income while you are studying.

  • Maybe you just want to be self-employed doing something fun and creative.

10 Years Ago, I was You!

After having my 4th child, the time came for me to go back to work. I'm guessing you know that  having a few kids to juggle, along with work and household, can be overwhelming to say the least.


So I used my creative mind to problem-solve and built a work-from-home option that also allowed me to:

  • be available for my kids after school,

  • be around to manage the household &

  • use my strengths & what I love doing, 

  • to earn a great income!


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And Now You Can Too!

What You Get in this Course:

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Live Zoom training with me, including:

  • Full training in a the best method for learning literacy - synthetic phonics

  • How to set up a home classroom

  • How to run a business in Israel

  • How to market yourself


Curriculum for the entire program:

  • A whole school-year's worth of lesson plans,

  • made up of 36 lessons of45 minute each,

  • broken down into 10-15 minute activities.


Digital marketing resources for your social media, to build your reputation as the go-to teacher for beginner reading, and an editable template about the program to share with interested parents.


Personal support from me:

  • Up to 2x a month

  • for a full year (from when you take the course) -

  • I will be your mentor and trouble-shooter.


2 Bonus Guides for the upcoming course:

  • How to Adapt the Program for a Summer Camp!

  • How to Adapt the Program for a Private Student!




Take a Look at This
Winning Reading Method

Who Am I?

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Course Creator & Instructor: Alana Stern

A licensed teacher since 1993, I made aliyah and certified as an English teacher in Israel, where I: 

  • directed,

  • created the curriculum &

  • taught

native-speaker classes in various schools.

I subsequently trained as:

  • a Jolly Phonics instructor &

  • a remedial reading teacher with the British Dyslexia Association.

TLC is Born!

Since 2002, I have been the director and head teacher of

The Learning Circle English Center (TLC), for :

  • English after-school chuggim

  • private lessons and

  • preschool literacy summer camps.


My students' marked improvement in English &

the fun, warm nature of TLC's programs soon became so well-known, that I was running over 10 groups a week!


My Mission

The Learning Circle is a realization of my aspirations as a teacher and lover of the English language:

to support kids with high-quality English literacy programs, to enhance their self-esteem, and – ultimately – to encourage a love of English reading.


To become an expert in teaching English literacy AND to expand your income with a profession you love, all while making a positive impact empowering kids:


NIS 3500 - Early-bird special offer: NIS 2800 for those who sign up before September 6th, 2021!


Price includes:

  • Live Online Training

  • Lesson Plans

  • Flyers and marketing materials

  • A full year of mentoring and support

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Want More Info? Join our Free Webinar:

How to Successfully Teach Beginner English Literacy to


2 August, 2021, 8pm on Zoom.

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